Men's Hollow-Fiber Button-Down, Red Twill

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  • A soft buttondown shirt that uses fabric technology to wick moisture and keep you warmer than a traditional, cotton button-down shirt.
  • This shirt was inspired by windy days in San Francisco. You know, those “summer” days where it may or may not be warm in the sun but when that shade / wind combo hits and the fog rolls in, you’re wishing you had something else. With the hollow-fiber technology (see fabric description for more info), the shirt is as warm as a thin sweatshirt without the bulk or extra layer needed.
  • Fabric: High quality poly fibers are wrapped around a core, then in final stages of production, the core is removed, leaving a column of air that insulates your body (a wetsuit does something similar with a thin layer of water close to the body). The poly wicks moisture and is durable to make a shirt that can still look good after years of wash-wear-repeat cycles.
    Fit: The fit is a flattering straight cut that does not float away from the body. On the scale of billowy-uncle and hipster-skinny, this shirt sits right in the middle.
  • Machine washable
    Extra button included
    Tonal stitching
    Made in the SF Bay Area

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