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About Us



We needed a jacket that could go anywhere and do anything. In San Francisco, a bike ride across town can mean quickly shifting from dense fog to bright sun (ask Karl). Designing with this challenge in mind led us to blend two key things - a design that had a classic, adaptable style and the best technical fabrics from the outdoor industry, proven to provide weatherproofing and warmth. We thought about how to create a design that could fit in while you ride your bike, at the bar you (might be) riding to, at your “day job”, climbing that random boulder for a better view of the ocean, and any adventures you might have in between.


Made Locally

Being a small business we place extra emphasis on the quality of the few things we release. And in order to allow our visions to come to life we need the ability to visit our products while on the line and make sure every zipper, cut, and pattern is up to our specifications. In addition to the fair labor concerns for production in Asia, the decision to focus on local manufacturing was an easy one. We love our factories. They're like family and we always solve problems together, as a team. We celebrate our successes and grow together.

Small Batch

We're always thinking - how can we make this better? We do extensive surveying and testing before a jacket even hits the shelves, incorporating as much feedback from our friends and customers on everything we do. Parts of entirely different jackets might be blended or redesigned with an intriguing fabric to create something radically new. That's a huge part of why we choose to make everything locally and produce in small batches - not only are the pieces unique but a product of the whole community.