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How our apparel is made

 Designed for the everyday

San Francisco is filled with amazing, dream-chasing people. We are a crazy, passionate bunch. We're lucky enough to live close to amazing hiking trails to the North, secret hidden gardens in the Financial District, soul-soothing beaches, and the awe-inspiring Sierras. We design to fit all of these places, take you anywhere from coffee with a friend to a spontaneous hike to a beer garden.


Our design process starts with a sketch (and lots of coffee). From an original fit idea, we start to search for a fabric with the perfect blend of performance and aesthetic. We test it to make sure it falls exactly the right way and can withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Then, we dive into the details - how to make the pockets soft, the collar cozy, the zippers long lasting. We ask ourselves (and our amazing friends) how each piece of the jacket is used in everyday life, and how we can make it better. 

Prototyping & Testing

Every piece in our line goes through rigorous testing and multiple rounds of prototypes. We are borderline obnoxious when it comes to fit, and details down to the angle of the armhole are scrutinized. Bottom line: if we are going to make it, we want it to be the best.


Everything down to our patterns are made and printed locally. We love supporting the local trade, and we honestly think they are geniuses. Our team has worked with industry giants and scrappy startups for over 20 years. We always align our patterns to maximize the efficiency of fabric use, any remaining scraps are donated to local companies that upcycle the fabric into their own designs.

The Last Mile

Jackets are sent to customers or sold in-person. We often have repeat customers come back and tell us how much they love their apparel. We can't even describe how awesome this makes us feel.